Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Transportation Survey

Transportation survey

Purpose of the Survey :

This report presents the results of a survey on transportation. The goal of the survey was to know the habits of people about transportation. In the survey, we will learn information about traffic, distance, car value and everything related to.

Methodology :

The survey sample consisted of students who study at École national de l’aérotechnique and 90% of the studants are boys. Many students don’t live in the same city The survey questionnaire contained nine questions and each question has multiple choice answers and certain questions have open-ended answers.

Results :

The reponses show that cars are very important in our lives, they are indispensable and the majority of the students use their car every day to go to school. The cars are the principale expense for the majority of students.

Analysis :

The results demonstrate than most of students go to school by car and they drive approximately 20 km. We are impressed to see the time lost in traffic is less than 15 minutes for 76% of students. The cost per month to travel to cegep for each is not very expensive for the majority of students, only 12% spend more than $100 to go to cegep. The Japanese cars are the favourite and the category of car that the students like the most are economical and sport cars. The car value is around $5000 to $15 000 in the majority but we are impress to see than 8,7% of students have a car value over $30 000. The students work for the police because only 45,8% respect always respect the speed limit.

Conclusion :

This survey informed us on the habits of people about transportation. Now we know a lot of information about traffic, distance, car value and everything related to cars and we can confirm that the cars are almost an essentiel need for the majority of students. We can see that the environnement is not the principal factor that influences the car choice for students because only 36% of the students like economic car. We can see, the cars seem be the principal expense for the most students.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Montreal is a big city on an island. Many people live in this city about one million inhabitants. Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec. But, I think it is dirty because it has too many people and cars. When you go there, the air smells of car exaust, the peoples are impatient in cars. The lodging is expensive and not very nice. Montreal has many faults but in spite of everything, this city have some special qualities because all is in Montreal: great stores, good restaurants, indoor go-karts, paintball. In the future, I will not live in montreal because I don't like this place.